Denise Pederson, Fast Fred Hable (and you wonder why they call him fast) and Jeannie Lubinsky

Cindy Korbol, John Killey and Ann Phillips

Barbara, Traci, Mary and Carol

McKinley, Meissner, Bodoh-Stone and Billmeyer

Tyler Heinz male high school runner of the year, and family

Paul Wagner introducing Dr. Ron Carda, the guest speaker

Cornbread McGraw, Joan Angell, Emily Blaskey and Karen Wise

Emily and Mark Blaskey

Banquet Queen, Mary Beth Clark, and her consort, Larry

Paul Wagner presenting the Male Runner of the Year award to Mike Olson

Mary Bodoh-Stone presenting the Most Improved Female Runner award to Traci Meissner

Brian McAlister presenting the other Most Improved Female Runner award to Nancy Bauwens

Paul Wagner presenting the Most Improved Male Runner award to David Caruthers

Coach Marty Bushland presenting the Female High School runner of the Year award to Kayla Dahl

Coach Dennis McGraw presenting the Male High School runner of the Year award to Tyler Heinz

Mike Salm presenting the Don Lynnes award to Karen Possley

Mike Salm presenting the curse-breaking Grungy Shoe award to Brady Anderson

Mike Salm presenting the plaque to the 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee, Tina Killey

Tina Killey trying to remember who to thank...like her husband

Homeless runners, Sonia Anderson and Brian McAlister, wearing donated ITC apparel

Professional model, Mark Blaskey, proving that even professional models look better in ITC apparel