Buckshot Run

Join Special Olympics for the 33rd Annual Leader-Telegram Buckshot Run benefitting Special Olympics Wisconsin. This 2 and 5 Mile run/walk in and around beautiful Carson Park is ranked one of the top 10 races in Wisconsin. It’s family friendly yet tough enough for the hard-core competitors. Ages 5-85 typically participate and average attendance is 1,500 people. Help us grow this year’s event by inviting a family member or friend to join you! 100% of money raised from the race stays locally to help 1,000 Special Olympics athletes with intellectual disabilities train and compete in sports year-round. It’s a life changing opportunity for these kids and adults. After the race, enjoy concessions, live music, race results and an awards ceremony during the Party in the Park. For those who can’t attend Saturday, there’s a 2 mile race on Tuesday, September 1. Registration at 5:30, race at 6:00 with award and concessions to follow. Volunteers needed. Contact the race directors.

Li'l Buckshot is Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

The event will be held on the Tuesday/Wednesday before Labor Day weekend. Race day registration
starts 5 p.m. and the 2 mile race begins at 6 p.m. Awards will follow the conclusion of the race. 

Concessions are available. Click for details.

Packet Pick-Up is Friday, September 2, 2016

Packet Pickup hours will be from 4 until 7 p.m. at the Plaza Hotel.

Buckshot Run is Saturday, September 3, 2016

The event is held on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Race day registration
starts 7:30 a.m. and the 5 mile race begins at 9:00 a.m. and the 2 mile race
begins at 10:30 a.m. The awards ceremonies follow the conclusion of both races.
Food, beverages and the party in the park continue until 1:00 p.m. The race has attracted
nearly 2,000 runners and walkers in past years. Click for details.

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Children's Runs Will Include Many Local Mascots!

More than half a dozen local mascots from RCU, Fazolis, Eau Claire Express, Culvers, Broadway Pizza, Kristo Orthodontics and the Indianhead Track Club will make the children's quarter mile and half mile fun runs memorable. The runs  are free. They start at 11:30 a.m. There will be treats, coupons and an opportunity to take pictures with your favorite personality.

Race Directors:

Karen Kraus, 715.833.0833 and Michael Salm

Course Description:

The runners start at the Pine Pavilion in Carson Park. The 2 mile course heads north initially and circles within Carson Park. The 5 mile course head south out of the park and on to the Eau Claire bike path along the west side of the Eau Claire River. Runners cruise past the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and Owen Park before they head west back to the finish at Carson Park.

Results:    2015  2014  2013  2012  2011  2010  2009 2008 2007 2006 2005

Buckshot 2 Buckshot 5
Male Marshall Donnerbauer 9:30 (1999) Chad Johnson 23:08 (1998)
Female Kris Ihle-Helledy 9:59 (1998) Kris Ihle 27:18 (1996)

History.  Excerpt from Ron Buckli's August 29, 2008 column in the Leader Telegram

Who holds the most wins, most records and most astounding Buckshot Run performances? That's easy. How about Kris Ihle-Helledy, the Eau Claire Regis product who now lives in the Oak Creek area of Milwaukee but has not forgotten her roots. She won her first Buckshot in 1989 and 20 years later is back shooting for an 11th win.

"I'm raising a family and run for the mental part of it," she said this week. "But I love the Buckshot Run and I've been training some and am in good fitness."

That just about decides this year's women's 2-mile event. She was the top female finisher last year and fourth overall in a time of 10 minutes, 56 seconds. At 38 years of age, that wasn't too bad. But that's only part of the story. In 2000, fresh from the U.S. Olympic 10K trials, she made one of the male runners say, "Don't mention I got beat by a woman." She invaded the male-dominated lead pack and finished fifth overall in 26:50 - a record that may never be topped. Three years earlier she was the overall 2-mile winner in another record of 9:59, besting the top man by 27 seconds. There is more. In 2004 she won the women's 2-mile in the turtle-like time (for her) of 11:51. Her now 3-year-old son, Derek, had a fun ride that day in his first Buckshot. She couldn't hide the fact that she was 42 months pregnant with him. In all, she has won the 2-mile seven times and the 5-mile on three occasions.

Ihle-Helledy had a special interest in the recent Beijing Olympic Games. She was a roommate of Deena Kastor (Drossin at the time) while they were vying for Olympic spots in the 2000 trials. Kastor was the U.S. hope in the marathon but dropped out with a foot injury early in the race. Besides Derek, 5-year-old son David is already an accomplished skier. The genes are good. Dad Kurt was a U.S. team speed skater. Kris is a licensed psychologist in the Milwaukee area. "I help companies assess talent," she says. "I'm 100 percent in the business world." She's all business on the race course too. And she plans to return next year at 40 to run the 5-mile.

Conway flag bearer.

In October of 1983 Dan Conway went to France to win the World Masters 10K championship wearing an Indianhead<br>
 Track Club T-shirt. A little more than a month earlier the Chetek schoolteacher at the time prepared for the race by headlining the first Buckshot Run and led 412 runners to the finish line. He won again in 1985 and has returned each year except one - when he missed due to an illness.

He'll make the 150-mile trip from Superior again this weekend for his 25th appearance at age 69. He is coaching cross country at Superior High and faces hernia surgery following the season.

"I want to make my 25th," he said. "I can't race but I'll go out and run my 5 miles."

Conway had good news earlier this year when he was inducted into the USATF National Masters Hall of Fame. Through the years he has held many age-class records.

Douglas returns.

No one has gone through more pain to keep alive his streak of running every Buckshot Run than Al Douglas. The Elk Mound farmer suffered near-fatal injuries in a silo accident in the winter of 2001. He didn't let that end his streak. Showing amazing courage and battling through excruciating pain, he dragged his body through the 5-miler that September and has been able to maintain his streak.

"It's what got me started running and it's for a good cause," said Douglas, who will walk the 5-miler. "And it's nice to see everybody."

He is one of seven that may have never dreamed that 26 years later they would have a perfect attendance record. The others are Gary Ellis, Pat Callahan, Jerry Poling, Diane Johnson, Dave Oestreich and Ardys Casey. Casey, at 85, continues to participate, but not as an active runner/walker. And you can add No. 8 to the list. That would be long-time Special Olympics volunteer Pat Watkins, who each year leads both races around the courses on his bicycle.

5 mile
Men   Women
1983 Dan Conway 0:25:44   Jenny Rowe 0:34:37
1984 Dick Beardsley 0:24:40   Jenny Rowe 0:31:05
1985 Dan Conway 0:25:53   Michelle Peters 0:33:03
1986 John Vodacek 0:24:55   Diane Munzenmaier 0:31:59
1987 Dan Held 0:24:59   Karen Schoenrock 0:29:12
1988 Dan Held 0:24:35   Karen Schoenrock 0:29:13
1989 Dan Held 0:23:50   Karen Schoenrock 0:30:17
1990 Gaylord Olson 0:25:45   Karen Schoenrock 0:30:07
1991 Gaylord Olson 0:25:11   Kim DePrenger 0:31:49
1992 Gaylord Olson 0:24:48   Kim DePrenger 0:30:22
1993 Scott Jenkins 0:24:27   Corrine Hlavka 0:30:28
1994 Chip Cheney 0:26:02   Laura Wodyn 0:30:34
1995 Dan Frusher 0:25:21   Kris Ihle   0:28:18
1996 Dan Frusher 0:25:12   Kris Ihle   0:27:18
1997 Dan Held 0:24:17   Cheri Uelmen 0:32:58
1998 Chad Johnson 0:23:08   Jewel Market 0:31:40
1999 Chad Johnson 0:24:19   Wendy Bengtson 0:32:43
2000 Steve Hibbs 0:25:53   Kris Ihle-Helledy 0:26:50
2001 Chad Johnson 0:23:08   Rebekka Lundquist 0:31:28
2002 Matt Goertz 0:25:25   Rebekka Lundquist 0:29:48
2003 Vince Temu 0:24:07   Sarah Kasabian 0:30:26
2004 Vince Temu 0:24:40   Sarah Kasabian-Larson 0:30:13
2005 Jason Finch 0:24:50   Melissa Wright 0:29:37
2006 Jason Finch 0:24:13   Rachel Earney-Rich 0:28:41
2007 Patrick Russell 0:24:54   Rachel Earney-Rich 0:29:46
2008 Rich Maleniak 0:24:33   Ashley Earney 0:29:40
2009 Matthew Chesang 0:24:28   Marie Boyd 0:30:53
2010 Jason Finch 0:24:10   Sarah Hurley 0:30:47
2011 Thomas Breitbach 0:24:52   Mandi Risler 0:32:57
2012* Jason Finch 0:25:51 Dani Fischer 0:29:17
2013 Aaron Easker 0:24:32 Stephanie Sjostrom  0:29:25
2014 Brent Wathke 0:29:18 Mandi Risler 0:31:06
2014 Brent Wathke 0:26:12 Mandi Risler 0:31:29

2 Mile
Men   Women
1983 Tom Langley 0:10:19   Laurie Bagniefski 0:14:40
1984 Jeff Olson 0:10:19   Amy Foote 0:12:57
1985 Jeff Olson 0:10:00   Fay Larson 0:11:44
1986 Steve Killian 0:10:22   Lynda Osterude 0:12:35
1987 Steve Killian 0:10:11   Kristin Guthery 0:13:14
1988 Steve Killian 0:09:53   Roxanne Ready 0:12:20
1989 Joel Wagner 0:09:51   Kris Ihle   0:11:30
1990 Joel Wagner 0:09:55   Kris Ihle   0:10:53
1991 Joel Wagner 0:09:55   Kerry Litscher 0:13:09
1992 Jeff Schreiber 0:10:08   Kit Brown   0:13:25
1993 Paul Gilles 0:10:28   Kerry Rohn 0:12:49
1994 Ron Prochnow 0:10:02   Kerry Rohn 0:12:48
1995 Joel Wagner 0:10:26   Kris Ihle   0:11:17
1996 Mike Bernhardt 0:10:27   Fay Larson-Kurth 0:13:13
1997 Bob Davel 0:10:26   Kris Ihle-Helledy 0:09:59
1998 Marshall Donnerbauer 0:09:32   Kris Ihle-Helledy 0:10:08
1999 Marshall Donnerbauer 0:09:30   Kris Ihle-Helledy 0:10:27
2000 Seth Vircks 0:10:45   DeAnna Pasch 0:12:21
2001 Eric Jazner 0:10:01   DeAnna Pasch 0:12:09
2002 Zach Severson 0:10:15   Kathie Schaus 0:13:16
2003 Larry Mboga 0:09:42   Kathie Schaus 0:12:53
2004 Larry Mboga 0:10:22   Kris Ihle-Helledy 0:11:51
2005 Larry Mboga 0:10:34   Heidi Jarecki 0:12:21
2006 Vince Temu 0:09:33   Wendy Bowe 0:13:54
2007 Dan Schwanberger 0:09:33   Kris Ihle-Helledy 0:10:56
2008 Paul Hetke 0:10:06   Kris Ihle-Helledy 0:10:45
2009 Andy Warren 0:09:40   Kris Ihle-Helledy 0:10:50
2010 Larry Mboga 0:10:39   Aubrey Roberts 0:12:51
2011 Ryan Gruhlke 0:10:56   Aubrey Roberts 0:12:02
2012 Larry Mboga 0:10:55 Dani Fischer 0:11:03
2013 Scott Hayden 0:09:47 Britney Rud 0:13:11
2014 Cody Buckli 0:11:27 Jennifer Chapman 0:12:39
2015 Scott Hayden 0:10:29 Maddie Marino 0:13:37

*construction altered course

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