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PZ3 demo #2

David Weiss. Dave Weiss and Dave Angell founded the Indianhead Track club as an outgrowth of the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Physical Activity and Sports for Fitness. Starting February 27, 1969, Dave Angell, assisted by Joan, served as the ITC’s executive secretary for 6 years while Weiss served as president during that time.  He claims that without the support of Dave and Joan Angell, the Indianhead Track Club simply would not exist.  Running for the new club, Weiss officially finished the 1969 Boston Marathon in 3 hours 13 minutes.  Earlier he had run the 1968 Regional Olympic Trials in 3:12.  His fifth (and last) marathon was the warm 1970 UST&F Marathon at the Drake Relays, finishing in 15th place in 3:08, assisted by his wife, Gloria, and the Angells.


Although he has also competed in many cross country ski races and national canoe races, running has constantly been the “backbone” of his training.  Weiss says he has cherished his association with the ITC and even wore his original monogrammed ITC singlet when he won the 1990 and 1992 U.S. National Veterans Solo Canoe Championships. 


Weiss states, “One of the great thrills of my life is to come back to the annual ITC banquet each year and see how superbly the club has progressed from its humble beginning.  I’m eternally impressed and inspired by the effective leadership, the congenial autonomy, and the contagious enthusiasm which permeate the club.”


PZ3 demo #2

David Angell.