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PZ3 demo #2

Don Gilbertson. Don Gilbertson's career was mostly as a Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota where he also served as Executive Director of the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History. Don took up running at age 46 in order to develop a more active lifestyle. The beginning of Don's running career coincided with his son Eric's senior year of high school where Eric won the conference 2 mile event. In Eric, Don had an ideal training partner.


In 1981, Don ran his first marathon (with Eric). He and Eric each ran 3:22 and that would be Don's only marathon (he thought). Temptation beckoned, however, and a couple months later (in August) Don ran the Paavo Nurmi Marathon in 3:18. Then, in September he ran the Marquette Marathon in 2:57. Finally, in October, Don ran the St. Paul Marathon (the only one) in 2:59. All in all, Don has run 42 marathons, 13 of which were under three hours. Of the latter, five (including one Boston) were sub-three hour efforts that came after reaching the age of 50. Don ran his last marathon at age 65 in 3:53.


Don was President of the Indianhead Track Club for two terms. During Don's tenure the Hall of Fame was founded.


Ron Buckli.