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PZ3 demo #2

Jerry Foote. Jerry Foote was a Biology Professor at UWEC in his earlier life and while he was running.   He started running after playing lots of handball at the YMCA.  Courts became difficult to schedule and he ran a mile or two on the Y track to warm up for handball games. His first race was Carson 10 at 38 yrs. young.  Then, with Dave Weiss cajoling him, he entered several other races and got hooked.  


Jerry was the Race Director for several Carson 10 races, one in which the very first T-shirts was given with Race Registration.  The shirts were white with Blue block letters "Carson 10" on the front.  The race had no sponsorships yet, in those days.  Jerry helped out in some way, timing, finish chute, etc. at most ITC races and entered and ran in out of town runs.  

Jerry was President of the club for a couple of turns, when the meetings were held at the Parks and Rec. building and 30 or 40 members at each monthly meeting.  The club selected Race Directors for the year and helpers for races by asking for volunteers at these monthly meetings.  Newsletter mailings happened under the tutelage of John Qualheim in his office at Green Door Graphics.  Address labels were printed on Jerry's Apple2E and a dot matrix printer and a group of 5 or 6 or 8 folks would gather with John to get the mailings ready!.  


After running several 10 milers and Sawdust City sixes,  Jerry started ran longer distances on weekends with Roger Hubbard, Ken Van Es, Terry Wiseman and a few others. He attempted his first marathon at Octoberfest in La Crosse. Hubbard, Van Es and Foote ran many marathons together,  seven per year for several years and often 3 weekends in a row. The La Crosse Marathon was the 2nd consecutive weekend marathon that they would run and Twin Cities the following weekend would complete the three.  Jerry claims that he always did best in the Twin Cities marathons. His best time there was a a very respectable 2:57! But at the La Crosse Marathon, they usually found someone with a can of beer about every 5 miles along the course.  Roger Hubbard and Jerry would share the beer and run off again to look for the next one.  He concedes that it was probably not the best training regimen.  His earliest Twin Cities Marathons were about 5 laps or so around Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun.


Lloyd Fleig.