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PZ3 demo #2

Fred A. Hable.  FAH...A Long, Long Way to Run. Long-time club members will remember this as the title of Fred's newsletter column from the 1990s. Fred revisits, recycles and condenses those columns for this Hall of Fame page.


Most of us take up running because it is supposed to be good for our health. Some of us got hooked on races. In any race from 400 meters to the marathon, one can experience discomfort, pain and agony. I have this theory that if you are obsessive-compulsive about running the discomfort, pain and agony can be transformed into exhilaration.


Some people have suggested that running is my religion. At the very least, I was married to the marathon for a long, long time. Many times during those marathons, I wanted to quit. So many people heard me repeat the familiar mantra, "This was my last marathon. No, I really mean it this time." that no one believed me any more. I knew at some point I would be right. Now that 23 years and 69 marathons are behind me, I only run no-longer-than-2 mile races and all my no-longer-than-2 mile runs are exhilarating victory laps. I wish that everyone who takes up running for their health experience it not as exercise but as play in it’s most pure and simple form.


Fred’s service to the club and the running community:


ITC president 1997-1999

See Dick Run race director 1987 to present

Bloomin' Idiot fun run director 1996 to present

Tortoise and Hare race director 1999 to present

Bloomer cross-country coach for 3 years


Personal records:


400 meters                       1:07            800 meters                       2:26

1600 meters                     5:09            2 mile                             11:03

5K                                  17:08           5 mile                             28:20

10K                                 36:03          10 mile                            58:25

Half marathon                1:19:57           Marathon                     2:47:45


Unofficially, Fred ran 24 of his 69 marathons under 3 hours.