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PZ3 demo #2

Karen Schoenrock. Karen Schoenrock was born into a life of money, pedigree, privilege and leisure with her every wish attended to by some shadowing butler, maid or nanny. Or so everyone guesses. Little is actually known of her early life. The only surviving photograph shows a very serious, 5 year old birthday girl in pigtails. She was wearing a showy, sequined cowgirl suit that Dale Evans made popular at the time. She was riding a Newfoundland, instead of a horse. Odd, but it may help to explain her choices in later life. The rest of the photographs and other evidence of her youth went up in flames the night her parent's mansion exploded and burned to the ground. Unfortunately, the other thing to vanish that night was her parent's fortune. Her father had liquidated his stock portfolio and withdrawn all of the money from the bank in the mistaken belief that the markets were about to crash and the banks go bankrupt. One moment the entire family fortune existed as cash on a floor in the mansion. Then in a flash, it was ash drifting over the ash trees on the river bank.


Or so everyone guesses.