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Dave Carothers

Running: Dave has run ITC races and the regular Saturday morning training runs for a long time. He has run many marathons, with a personal best of 3:03. His best half marathon so far is 1:24 - achieved during a marathon! He has had particular success at the Oz Run Half Marathon in Chippewa Falls, winning the race outright in 2014 and coming in 3rd overall in 2015. He also won the Get It Dunn 5K in 2015 with a time of 20:31. Beyond his many race and age group awards, he has participated in and supported many local races, as well as venturing out to destination races in many other states. He has also ventured beyond the normal road races, competing in area races such as the Afton 25K Trail Run and the Flaters Run-Bike-Canoe triathlon near Ladysmith.

Service: Dave has provided significant help to ITC in a number of capacities. He was board president from January 2010 - December 2011, and vice-president for two years before that. He has been very involved with ITC race timing, being instrumental in procuring the ITC timing system and managing this system (with Mike Salm) at all four ITC races each year for the past five+ years. He often picks up the ITC trailer and delivers it to races as well. Dave is currently on the board of directors as a general member, and is an active participant in meetings. He helps administer our online race registration setup for each of the four ITC-sponsored annual races. He also has been very helpful in giving advice to new race directors and new board members.

Summary: Over the last ten years, Dave has consistently been a good runner as well as an essential volunteer for ITC. His steady support of ITC over this period, coupled with a number of excellent race finishes, makes him a strong candidate in my mind for the ITC Hall of Fame.

Paul Wagner

I didn't start running until I was 40, but was fortunate to link up with John Qualheim and other ITC runners who told, helped and pushed me to run faster. I ran 7 marathons with a PR of 3:17, including Twin Cities, Grandmas, Lakefront, Boston, and Top of Utah. I also ran 3 50K trail ultramarathons, with a PR of 4:45, placing 50th out of 800 runners (a proud accomplishment for a second-tier runner). One little known fact: I never won an age group award in my 40s. There were so many good ITC runners in that group such as Wade Zwiener, Mike Revello, Fred Hable, Jeff Miller, and others. I went up to the Dallas 10K once to try to get an age group award - came in 13th overall, and 6th in my age group! I finally won an age group award on my 50th birthday, running the Woodville Half Marathon.

I'm happy to have been able to do some volunteering for ITC as membership coordinator (forever, it seems), president (for two years), and race volunteer (periodic). If I can return a fraction of what I've been given by ITC and its members, it's all worth it.