Frigid 8 and Thermal 3

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Volunteers displaying the shirt

Race director, Brian McAlister (middle), chewing the fat with Darven and Steve

Current president, Karen Scheonrock, with Paul "Mr. Visibility" Billmeyer and Mike Weiser before the race

Registration crew

Pre-race cool down with inspirational speech from the race director, Brian McAlister

Pre-race from another point of view

Race director testing the wind

Timers working on their timing

From the front lines

The start

Officer Lee Hakes prepares to lead the charge

Starting line another point of view

They're off

And there they go

And go

And go

And go

And go


Turning into the wind


The Ice Man at mile 3

Aaron Marjala at mile 3

How to effectively use a wind break at a race (drafting)

Chris Buckli and others climbing the hill

Don Marjala leads a group

Jordan Hendrickson-winner of the Thermal 3

Jordan again

Austin Witt finishes 2nd in the Thermal 3

Wade Lambrigtsen

Brianna Hughes, the first Thermal woman

Darin Lau

Deb Dahl

Bob Hoehn

Pete Cochrane

Fred Jaeger

Steve Thon

Tim Camlek

Alyssa Harp, up close

Allysa Harp

Tom Conway

Joe Paczkowski

Joe Jensen

Maddie Gehrig

Eliza Green

Richard Camlek

Paul Coates

Karen Polenz

Emily Mohr

Thomas Wirth, Eric Wirth and Ben Whitis

Joan Malek

Camera crew filming a documentary about the life of Brady "the Iceman" Anderson

Harriet Mallon

Brady "the Iceman" Anderson, winner of the Frigid 8 for the 5th year in a row

Aaron Marjala

Courtney Hawley

Josh Peterson

David Hon leading Jason Beckermann

Jason Beckermann

Chris Vetter, Chris Huse and John Kahn

John Kahn

Jim Janezic

Adam Smit

Brady Palmer ran the entire 8 miles in a T-shirt.

Josh Jorde

Chris Buckley

Andrew Hahn

Stormy Cromer, (Heidi Jarecki), the first Frigid woman

Jim Baillargeon

Bob Nesvacil finishing the Frigid 8. Before the race, Bob mentioned that this was only the 2nd time he had run this distance

Finishing line crew (Nancy and Jayne) deciding who they want to win

Emily Berg

Race Volunteers happy to return to the warmth of civilization

Race director listens to his daughter explaining why it can't be her fault

Tina, Denise and Jan practice smiling with their eyes open

Past presidents reminisce